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BCN cleanser pH foam

BCN Cleanser is a foam cleaner that balances the pH of the skin.

BCN Cleanser contains mild, non-aggressive cleaning agents. It gently removes the impurities that have accumulated on the skin and is well tolerated by skin that has become sensitive after dermatological treatments.

BCN Cleanser balances the pH of the skin thanks to its formula with lactic acid, respects the skin’s hydrolipid barrier and does not change the skin’s permeability.
After treatment with chemical peels, the skin remains sensitized for several days, so cleaning with a suitable soap such as BCN Cleanser is more important than ever. Its use is essential for recovery and prevention of excessive exfoliation, redness and dryness of the skin, as well as any bacterial infection. In addition, the foam structure of BCN Cleanser ensures a pleasant and delicate suppleness, exactly what the skin needs after a peeling treatment

BCN balance prebiotic serum


The synergistic action of its soothing and decongestant active ingredients facilitates the recovery of the skin after medical-aesthetic treatments, providing maximum well-being and comfort to the face right from the first application, instantly increasing skin tolerance levels.

The extensive benefits of BCN Balance Serum Concentrate associated with its formulation are:

by virtue of its complete prebiotic action:

  • rebalances and maintains the microbial populations within the natural and optimal ratio for healthy skin.
  • boosts the skin’s immune response.
  • powerful capacity for cell renewal, skin barrier repair and healing.
  • revitalises and strengthens the skin.

BCN prebiotic triple action scrub

BCN Scrub is a prebiotic facial and body scrub with triple action (physical, chemical and biological) that combines alumina microcrystals with lactic acid and a bio-enzymatic extract for a more complete exfoliation. BCN Scrub improves the overall appearance of the skin by evening out the tone, enhancing its clarity and increasing hydration without compromising the barrier function.

BCN sheild prebiotic day cream with spf 50

BCN Shield is a non-greasy daily use smooth emulsion formulated with a combination of prebiotics and 48-hour moisturising active ingredients that protects against external aggressors and restores the skin’s well-being and balance by increasing its tolerance threshold and facilitating its recovery. Day cream that deeply moisturises, regenerates and protects all skin types, especially sensitive skin or skin that has become sensitised by medical-aesthetic processes, facilitating its recovery. From the first application the skin appears calmer, more tolerant and ready to face everyday life.

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