Clear Cell Acne Scrub 118ml


Amicro-exfoliating cleanser with Salicylic acid to treat active acne. A blend of antioxidants soothe irritated and red, irritated blemishes leaving skin healthy and blemish free. Paraben free

Oily,acne-prone,grades III and IV acne,aging

Benzoyl peroxide-based cleanser aggressively treats and attacks bacteria by exfoliating dead surface skin cells with micro-exfoliant beads to clean out pores. Botanical blend calms irritated acne blemishes while leaving skin shine-free and fresh

Apply aliberal amount to wet face morning and evening and massage for 1 minute.This gentle exfoliating cleanser assists in reducing active acne and thoroughly cleanses oily/acne skin. Rinse with cold water. Do not overstimulate active blemishe

Use as a scrub on the back for back acne



Our BPO-based cleanser with exfoliating micro beads kills bacteria that cause acne blemishes, while soothing botanicals calm irritated skin. Leaves the skin refreshed, renewed and shine free


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