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Get firming with our awarding winning body firming lotion , plus sit back and firm and hydrate your face with our powerful hyaluronic masks


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PPC is an advanced solution (derived from Soybean) for the reduction of cellulite and excessive fat. – The micronised active ingredient is penetrated into the skin and acts in the subcutaneous fat. – It generates heat under the skin layer, increasing local metabolism. – Increases excretion (sweating) and blood flow. These consecutive actions help to regulate the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. –

Ingredients; • PPC (Phosphatidylcholine) increases the levels of Triglyceride lipase – a natural enzyme in the body that decreases the amount of fat inside the cell. • L-Carnitine – amino acid, encourages the metabolism of the fat. Increases energy and fat burning. It transports fatty acids in to the mitochondria of the cell. • Sodium Deoxycholate – encourages the break-up of fat cells. Often used in mesotherapy injections for cellulite.• Caffeine – Creates short term water loss in the skin to give a smoothing and tightening effect on the skin. • Applying the PPC to the fat will increase the temperature of the fat cell by 1-2 degrees. This will create a ‘ueltiug’ within the fat cell and a cell stimulating effect in the area • The PPC cream and ampoules contains Capsicum (chilli), this also increases the temperature within the skin to enhance this effect.

HYALURONIC MASK : Moisturizing gel mask containing high levels of Hyaluronic acid leaving skin soft and supple ideal for all skin types



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