Laser Hair Removal

3D Hair Removal

Using the ‘Power of three’ 3D-Trilogyice is the latest advance in laser hair removal technology offered at a highly competitive price. The system combines the proven benefits of three wavelengths, achieving maximum results and versatility when compared to single wavelength.

This powerful combination of different penetration and absorption levels of wavelengths, combined with the speed of delivery, ensure that you will be providing one of the safest and most comprehensive hair removal solutions available.

    Why 3D Trilogy Ice ?

    There is no doubting the evidence proving the benefits in utilising three laser wavelengths in a single hand piece which simultaneously targets different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicle.

    With the combination of different penetration and absorption levels of these wavelengths combined with the speed of delivery you are assured you will be providing the safest and most comprehensive hair removal solution today. 

    How Does It Work?

    3D-Trilogyice in motion protocol ensures safe, comfortable and effective hair removal on all skin types. Rather than exposing hair follicles the single high energy pulses the Trilogy in motion protocol works by gradually heating the dermis and damaging hair follicles whilst avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.

    The Trilogy in motion protocol of moving the applicator over the treatment area quickly enables full coverage whilst the contact cooling system ensures virtually pain free and effective hair removal.

    Procedure & Recovery

    If it is your first time visiting our clinic, we will conduct a 20 minute consultation to tailor a personal plan to determine what is best schedual and routine for your skin.

    • The Procedure will take 30- 60mins.
    • Recovery Time 24 hours
    • Anesthesia not required
    • Cost of treatments start at €275
    • Visible results immediate.

    Hair Removal Packages


    What They Say

    "Absolutly fantastic reception from the girls,so atentive and really go all the way to get you best results and advice, would highly recommend top quality service"

    Kathleen Healy

    "I’ve had such an amazing experience with Sabrina & team! Been getting 3D body treatments and they’ve made a huge difference. Especially on the tummy & leg area - the smoothing has given me so much more confidence! Couldn’t recommend more"

    Laura Mullett, Dublin

    "Sabrina provides a professional experience without losing the personal touch. She has the best procedures at completely affordable prices and tailors them to your needs so you get the best benefit. Highly recommend for all your beauty and age defying needs "

    Jessy Cullen 

    "Go to someone who knows what they are doing ,choose someone that knows skin, trust someone that knows what's gonna look good on you, choose someone who actually listens. I'm delighted I found Sabrina at Aphrodite she's the real deal"

    Greg Sheppard 

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