AAC Cell Renewal Serum With Glycograde


Directions 1.Spread a small amount on face and neck except the eyes contour and mouth, 2. Leave on exposure for 15 minutes, 3.Rub the treated area with fingertips, in a circular way, to peel off, removing this superficial layer od dead cells, 4.Properly clean the area with plenty of warm water to remove the product completely from the skin, 5.APPLY PREFERRED MOISTURIZING CREAM OR SERUM DIRECTLY AFTER. .

Caution do not use around eye area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

At home – Use PM twice weekly


CELL RENEWAL SERUM with Glycograde
2% Pure Glycolic Acid

Promotes skin’s cell renewal. Activates the penetration of actives. Protects skin’s collagen and elastin. Chemical non-abrasive peel. Helps eliminate skin’s spots. Refines the skin texture. Increases cutaneous hydration. Corrects the appearance of impurities. Decreases lines of expression. Helps eliminate scars and decreases stretch-marks

Glycerin – Hydrate and Soften Skin , Dewy skin
Glycolic Acid – Exfoliator
Xanthan Gum – Improves skin texture , stability. Moisturize the skin , protects from UV Radiation , Non-comedogenic , Ph-Balancer

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